What to Do with Scrap Marble for Homeowners and Contractors
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What to Do with Scrap Marble for Homeowners and Contractors

Great ideas with what to do with marble remnants and where to find marble remnants.

Many homeowners have marble installed within their homes, as it is so beautiful and a lot easier to maintain than wood or linoleum flooring. The most affordable marble to purchase for homeowners is white cerrara, but there are many varieties to suit ones esthetic needs with a good budget and fine eye.

Having installed marble within many homes myself, I started to save all the scrap and accumulated quite a few different cuts from various stocks. Many contractors and homeowners discard their scrap marble, as it is a bit heavy and could create clutter. Well, if you ever have a marble installation, don't throw out the scraps. I have a solution to create some elegant decor for indoor and outdoor use.

Many people love to shop at rummage and yard sales to find something they can use or show-off as household decor. I'm sure everyone has seen end tables that are worn and tattered at rummage sales, and just don't buy them because they are in bad shape. Well, if one ever runs into a matching set of end tables, you've hit the jackpot!


Other Great Ideas for Marble Remnants

There are many places in the home to use marble remnants such as:

·        The Bathroom: Marble is great in the bathroom because it is so durable and easy to clean and easily withstands moisture. Marble remnants can be used in the vanity as a bathroom sink. Just drill out the hole for the drop in sink or a smaller hole for a vessel sink, and you have a beautiful bathroom countertop.

·        The Kitchen: Marble has several uses in the kitchen other than countertops. Marble remnants can be used to update the top of a small kitchen island. Marble can also be used as a preparation surface since it stays cool and foods like pastry and cookie dough won’t stick to it.

·        The Living Room: Marble remnants are great for recovering those worn out table tops on coffee tables, end tables and desks. Using marble to cover these furniture items can really brighten up a room, and if you have mismatched tables, adding marble remnants for tops will unify all of the pieces. Make sure to fasten the marble to the table bases using fasteners such as lag bolts and brackets so the marble tops won’t slide off and hurt someone.

·        Statement Piece: A nice piece of marble can also be used as a statement piece in the place of artwork on the wall.

·        Around the Fireplace: Using marble remnants as a hearth pad around fireplaces and wood burning stoves is an excellent idea since code requires that they must be surrounded by noncombustible materials, such as natural stone. If you can’t find a large enough piece, you can cut smaller pieces and use it as a trim around the hearth.

·        Walls and Backsplashes: Since marble is so easily cleaned, it makes great backsplashes around sinks in the kitchen or bathroom. Marble pieces can also be used on walls in the shower area.

·        Other Ideas: There are so many ways that marble remnants can be used like a serving tray, plant stand top, shower seat, and an accent table.

More Places to Find Marble Remnants

You probably have many places in your town that sells marble and has marble remnants they would like to sell. You can also find companies online that sell marble remnants. Other sites to look for marble include:

Tools You Will Need:

One essential tool you will need is a ceramic or marble cutting wet-saw that can be rented affordably at any Home Depot store. The wet-saw is very safe to use as a tool, as the diamond blades rotation is designed so it cannot cut ones finger off, so don't worry.

Preferably, rent a wet-saw that has a bevel tray for the tapering of edges. Keep in mind you'll have to have a fair amount of scrap, and maybe a few square feet of whole pieces of marble. Building this refurbished table or tables is kind of like putting a puzzle together, only you get to design the puzzle with all your scrap marble.

Additional resources:

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